The Dick Wicks Story

Why does Dick Wicks market Magnetic Products?

For many people their business is their livelihood, as it was for Dick Wicks. However through his own personal experience in managing chronic pain, magnets became his life and that's why he was known as 'The Magnetic Man'. We invite you to read on as we provide - in Dick's own words - a brief background to our founder, and how magnets helped him beat the pain.

"If my story and discovery can bring relief in some small way to those who suffer the agonies of arthritis and aches and pains, then the tragedy that I suffered will not have been wasted."

"As a former St Kilda footballer and Stawell Gift finalist I was used to being highly mobile and lived an extremely active lifestyle until one fateful night. In October 1976, I suffered a knee injury in a freak accident. In a split second my life became a nightmare. Over the next eight years I had to have multiple surgery to my hands, knees and spine. Every day was a painful experience and for eight long years I was confined to a wheelchair and crutches. The pain was so debilitating. My medical specialist could not provide me with the relief I needed."

An 'Angel' Olympic Gold Medalist
"In 1984 I had the good fortune to meet up with friend and former workmate, one of the all time greats of Australian sport, 'Golden Girl' Betty Cuthbert (4 times Olympic Gold Medalist). She suggested I try using a magnetic pillow pad that her mother had found helpful for her arthritis problem. I strapped the pad to my knee and for the first time in 8 years I slept through the night - pain free. My recovery was so remarkable that I could work, play golf and enjoy the company of my mates from a lifetime in sport."

Providing relief to Australians since 1984
Since 1984, Dick WicksTM has been developing a range of DRUG FREE, non-invasive products, based on Magnetic Therapy principals. These products are now used by thousands of people all over the world. In 1999 Dick wrote his autobiography entitled 'Dick Wicks - The Magnetic Man' in which he provided a more detailed account of 'How Magnets Helped Me Beat The Pain'.

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