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Dick Wicks Magnetic Horse Rug


This rug was designed using assistance and advice of qualified veterinarians, trainers and experienced horse owners. It is an excellent aid in the management of arthritis and trauma and offers magnetic pain relief to help your horse recover from exercise. It can be safely used with most other forms of therapy & regularly proves to be of great benefit. The rug is used by the world's best known horse trainers.

Lee Freedman speaks candidly about our products - "Since 1992, I've used Dick Wicks Magnetic Pain Relief Products on my horses, including cup winners like Mummify and Subzero as well as my weekend family horses. Dick Wicks has always helped keep them pain-free, supple and sound."


  • Contains 100 strategically positioned magnets to give a rich magnetic field over muscles, bones and joints of the shoulders, back, croup, sacro-iliac and hip areas.
  • Made with Dual-Lock Tear-stop fabric.
  • 900-1000 gauss strength per magnet.
  • Total Gauss strength approx 100,000.
  • Sun-safe and resists static.
  • Fully machine washable (with the magnets in).
  • An ideal summer singlet or winter under-rug.


  • Help to repel pain and attract soundness.


For general use in most cases no harm is done in using the rug 24 hrs a day, although it is imperative that the rug is taken off periodically to clean and to allow the skin a chance to breathe. Special care should be taken when the rug gets wet as moist skin can in time become infected. Best results are achieved when the rug is used for a minimum of 4 hrs a day and left on for up to 14 hours a day, with a few hours break in between. It can be left on for 24 hrs a day when the response is most successful to continuous, rather than intermittent therapy.


  • Choose size that best fits your horse.
  • The accepted method of size selection is to measure along the top of the horse's back from the withers (shoulders) to the rounded rump portion, just below where the tail starts.

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