About magnets.

What are magnets?

Magnets are objects that have a magnetic field. From the Greek "magnítis líthos", it means "magnesian stone". Magnesia is a region in Greece where large deposits of magnetite were discovered. A magnet can be in the form of permanent/static or electromagnetic. Permanent magnets do not rely upon outside influences to generate their field. Electromagnets rely upon electric current to generate a magnetic field. As electrical current increases, so does the field. Dick Wicks uses permanent magnets.

What are Magnetic Poles?

All magnets have a North pole and a South pole. Opposite poles attract (North attracts South), while like poles repel (North repels North, and South repels South). The Earth's magnetic field also consists of a North pole and a South pole.

How is North Pole Defined?

The medical or magnetic therapy understanding of Bio North suggests that the Earths geographical North Pole is a magnetic north pole. Whatever points to the north pole on a compass is a south pole (because opposites attract). Earths North Pole is often referred to as Bio North or Negative North.

What does Uni-polar mean?

Uni-polar means that one side of the magnet is north while the other side of the magnet is south.

How Strong is a Magnet?

Magnets are given a Gauss rating. This is a unit of measurement that relates to the strength of a magnet and is connected with the density of lines of magnetic force coming from a magnet. In layman's terms it is like the pulling power of a magnet. In magnet therapy we tend to use the gauss rating.
The pulling power or strength of a magnet is also related to the actual physical size of a magnet. Larger magnets have more mass than smaller magnets and so can store a greater magnetic energy. A magnet with a very high gauss rating may have less overall strength than a bigger magnet with a lower gauss rating. The size of the magnet contributes to the depth of penetration of the magnetic field into the body. Gauss rating alone is not enough to indicate the strength of a magnet.

How is Gauss Strength Measured

Magnetic Gauss strength is measured using a Gauss Meter. It measures surface gauss strength.

Are there Different Types of Magnet?

The main types of materials used in magnetic therapy are Ferrite/ceramic magnets and neodymium magnets.
Ferrite magnets are made of a mixture of iron and barium. Neodymium magnets are made of iron, boron and the rare earth neodymium. These magnets are very strong in comparison to their mass. Both hold their strength for many years. Neodymium magnets have 10 x the power of Ferrite magnets.

How can I Identify the Poles of a Magnet?

The convention used in Magnet Therapy refers to North as Bio North or Negative North Polarity is identified with a compass, when the Geographical North end of a compass needle points to a face or side of a magnet, that side of the magnet is Bio North. Polarity can also be identified using using 'the principle of attraction and repulsion'. Opposite poles attract (North attracts South), while like poles repel (North repels North, and South repels South).

How Long will a Magnet Last?

Over a period of 10 to 15 years a magnet will only loose only a tiny fraction of its magnetisation. Magnets can remain magnetised for 100,000 years.

How do magnets work?

There are currently two widely accepted theories as to the effect that magnets may have on your body. The first theory involves the effect that magnetic fields have on blood supply. There are many charged ions in your blood, which naturally are either attracted or repelled by magnetic fields. The aforementioned action is thought to cause widening of the blood vessels in the area where the magnet is being used, which in turn 'draws' oxygenated blood into the painful area. The second theory involves the effect that magnetic fields may have on nerves and pain-sensation. Pain-sensitive nerves all around your body, 'fire' more often during bouts of pain & discomfort, sending an almost constant message to the brain which is then perceived as pain. When exposed to magnetic fields, however, theory suggests that these pain-sensitive nerves are inhibited and thus 'fire' less frequently. This is perceived by brain as less pain. As is common knowledge, when you perceive less pain, you relax more and are less likely to suffer from secondary muscle cramps and tension.

Is there any scientific evidence to suggest that magnets work?

Over time, numerous Clinical Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. Some have resulted in positive conclusions. Details of these studies are not provided on this web site but can readily be accessed through various libraries and through the world wide web.

Is there a difference between magnets made of different materials (for example barium ferrite, ceramic or gold-plated?)

The magnetic field generated by a magnet obeys the laws of plain physics. This means that no matter what the magnet is made of, magnetic fields will all be the same as long as the surface area and thickness of the magnet is the same (that is, if you compared the magnetic fields of three identically sized magnets, with identical thickness and gauss rating, but made of different materials - there would be no difference to the quality of the magnetic field). Hence there is no need to choose a product based on the material used (other than to say that Dick Wicks chooses to specifically not use ceramic magnets because they are more fragile and are more prone to shattering). We choose gold-plated magnets for our Magno-ease spot magnets because they are more skin-friendly than other magnets would be if applied directly to skin (that is, they are unlikely to cause rashes or allergies).

How long do magnets take to work, and will they always work?

In many cases there is overnight relief, however, in some cases it takes longer, say several days. But do not give up if no immediate benefit is gained as some people find it may take days, weeks or even months in extreme cases before relief is felt. On the odd occasion, a person may find that they didn't perceive a benefit.

What strength are your magnets?

We use high-grade barium ferrite medical magnets with an average gauss rating of 1,000 gauss range (surface strength) in most of our products.

Personal Health.

Will magnetic therapy work for me?

It is estimated that in excess of 120 million people around the world use magnetic therapy. Published studies demonstrate a success rate of 75%-95% (depending on the ailment suffered).

Can I use magnetic products if I have a pacemaker?

Yes. Most cardiac pacemakers these days are adequately shielded against the effects of mild external currents and magnetic fields, BUT we always recommend that you do not use magnetic therapy products until such time as you have checked with your doctor to obtain his/her approval. You will need to tell your doctor that all Dick Wicks products contain Dick Wicks magnets that have gauss strengths of between 500 to 1000 gauss each (depending on the product). Our individual spot magnets have gauss strengths of up to 2000 magnets each.

Can I use magnetic products if I have surgical implants?

Yes, you can. There is no evidence to suggest that magnets will have a deleterious effect on metal implants, or yourself, should you have implants.

Can I use magnetic products if I am pregnant?

There is currently no research on the effect (positive or negative) that magnetic fields may have on pregnancy or your baby. For this reason, we generally recommend that you use magnetic products whilst pregnant only after you have checked with your obstetrician/doctor first.

Can I use magnetic products if I have epilepsy?

Yes. Again though, before you purchase a magnetic therapy product, always get the approval of your doctor before using it.

Supports range.

What's the difference between the new Activease range of magnetic body supports and the original Dick Wicks all-day magnetic body supports?

The original Dick Wicks all-day body supports offer the comfort of premium, breathable cotton. They can be used all day, whether you lead an active or inactive lifestyle. The new Activease range combines the power of Dick Wicks magnets with seamless neoprene to give you the ultimate magnetic support for those shorter daytime periods when you're active or playing sport.

How many magnets are in the Dick Wicks all-day magnetic body supports?

There are 15 magnets (7,500 gauss total strength) in an All-day Ankle support, 26 magnets (13,000 gauss total strength) in an All-day Slimline Back support, 45 magnets (22,500 gauss total strength) in an All-day Super Back support, 18 magnets (9,000 gauss total strength) in All-day Elbow support, 32 magnets (16,000 gauss total strength) in an All-day Knee support, and 12 magnets (6000 gauss total strength) in an All-day Wrist support. All the magnets in these supports are 500 gauss each.

How many magnets are in the Dick Wicks Activease magnetic body supports?

There are 8 magnets (8000 gauss total strength) in an Activease Ankle support, 20 magnets (20,000 gauss total strength) in an Activease Back support, 18 magnets (18,000 gauss total strength) in Activease Elbow and Activease Knee and Activease Neck supports, 6 magnets (6000 gauss total strength) in an Activease Wrist support. All the magnets in these supports are 1000 gauss each.

What Activease magnetic body support size should I buy?

Activease magnetic body supports are one-size fits-all, other than the back support, which has two sizes - the Small/Medium size fits a waist circumference of up to 95cm, whereas the Large/Extralarge size fits a waist circumference of over 95cm.

What All-day magnetic body support size should I buy?

All-day magnetic body supports are available in various sizes to tailor-fit to your body shape, thus giving you the ultimate all-day comfort. Refer to each product description in the All-Day Body Supports page to check out the appropriate size.

How do I wash my Dick Wicks magnetic body support?

For both Activease & All-day body supports, hand wash your magnetic body support in luke warm soapy water. Soak up excess water with a towel and line-dry.


Can I leave my Magno-ease spot magnets on when showering or bathing?

Yes - but remember to change replacement plasters and position of magnets every 2 days or so. Regarding our jewellery, do not immerse in water. It's also important that you do not use perfume, hairspray or body cream in close proximity to the jewellery. Regarding our body supports, we do not recommend keeping them on whilst bathing, however, if they do get wet, simply hang out to dry.

Pet product. 

How do I wash my Therapet product?

If you purchased a Therapet Magnetic Pain Relief Bed for your dog or cat, simply pull off the cover and machine wash on a gentle wool cycle just like you would with a woolen underlay (the magnets are fully washable with the rest of the bed cover), then line-dry. You can also hose down the convoluted foam mattress, using some mild soapy water first if you wish, and then leave the foam to dry in the shade.
If you purchased a Therapet Horse Rug, simply remove the belt buckle and clips, machine-wash & line-dry. Therapet magnetic horse boots should be washed by hand with warm, soapy water, then left to dry outdoors.

Underlays and bedding.

Are your magnets sewn into your underlays?

Yes they are fully quilted in. This is done using a special technology called Matrixell, which ensures that each Dick Wicks power magnet is carefully stitched in to individual material pockets inside your underlay. Matrixell also allows the magnets to be stitched into your underlay in a specific and unvaried matrix or pattern. This is important because we lay our magnets out in an alternating pole configuration (that is, the magnet pole facing up towards the surface of your underlay, varies from North to South from magnet to magnet).

Are your underlays machine washable?

Yes they are fully machine washable through the entire cycle. We suggest using a gentle machine cycle (e.g. wool cycle) and then line drying your underlay rather than tumble drying. Alternatively, you can have your underlay dry cleaned, which tends to preserve natural fabrics better than washing machines do. To be sure though, ALWAYS read the care label of your particular Dick Wicks underlay, since we sometimes advise dry cleaning only on some of our underlay range (like you would do for a cashmere sweater). This is because we have the widest and most varied range of magnetic underlays available, depending on your material and economic preference.

Do you need to remove the magnets before washing or tumble-drying?

No, you do not need to pull the product apart to remove the magnets, like you have to do with other magnetic underlays. Removable magnets can be difficult to get back in, and some companies may be using inferior magnets that would become damaged during the washing cycle. Unlike other underlays, a Dick Wicks underlay can be washed with the power magnets left in.

Will the magnets be damaged by washing or dry-cleaning?

No the magnets will not be damaged or become dislodged, because we use high quality magnets together with the unique Matrixell technology to ensure that the washing process won't harm our magnets.

Can I use my magnetic underlay together with an electric blanket?

Yes. Dick Wicks underlays are quite safe to be used in conjunction with your electric blanket. We advise that you place your electric blanket down on your bare mattress first, then place your underlay on top of the electric blanket, and then finally place your sheet on top of the underlay.

Can I use my magnetic underlay together with another normal underlay?

Yes. In this instance, you may decide which underlay you want directly under your sheet. Again, if you also have an electric blanket, it should be placed directly on the mattress, underneath both underlays.

Does your underlay have a fitted skirt or elasticized straps?

The Premium Underlays are all fitted with a 40cm skirt to cater for the thicker mattress styles including pillow top mattresses.

Do you have a King Single Underlay?

Yes, King Single Underlays are available in Premium Wool and Premium Cotton.

Are your underlays made with Australian wool?

Yes, our woolen underlays are made with 100% pure Australian wool.

What makes Dick Wicks magnetic underlays better than others in the market?

This is an easy question for us to answer:

  • Dick Wicks is a professional health company, not a direct TV marketing company. It is the oldest and largest magnetic therapy business in Australia, and is the only magnetic business in the world with dedicated retail stores. Dick Wicks has over 20 years of experience (the most in Australia in our field) and is widely acknowledged as the Health Professional's choice. Pharmacists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors and sleep specialists all recommend the Dick Wicks products.
  • Dick Wicks is sold in over 2000 pharmacies across the nation. There are many look-alike, imitation brands of magnetic underlays available, but before you choose a magnetic product, ask the following question - Why is it that Dick Wicks is the only brand of magnetic underlays trusted by, and available in pharmacies Australia-wide?  

What are the sizes/measurements of the Dick Wicks underlays?

Our cotton underlays measure as follows: Single-bed underlays measure 71cmx145cm, Double-bed underlays measure 137cmx186cm, Queen-bed underlays measure 148cmx188cm, King-bed underlays measure 183cmx203cm. Our woollen underlays measure as follows: Single-bed underlay measures 91cmx183cm, Double-bed underlay measures 137cmx183cm, Queen-bed underlays measure 153cmx198cm, King-bed underlays measure 183cmx198cm.

Why choose a woollen underlay over another material?

Dick Wicks has designed and manufactures the widest range of magnetic underlays in the world. Our fabrics are chosen to allow you the benefit of choosing according to your preference, since some people prefer the feel of cotton to that of wool, or vice versa. However, sleeping on a pure wool underlay does have some unique benefits. Research has shown that wool offers an unsurpassed level of thermo-physiological comfort. This is the state in which the individual is free from thermal strain. In the research program carried out by the Hohenstein Research Institute, Germany, thermophysiological comfort was illustrated by observing the conditions of sleep and recording various body and climatic functions. The most critical body function and one which can best reflect the condition of sleep is the heart rate. Because wool absorbed and dissipated excess body moisture created while sleeping, the sleeper was kept in a more normal state and the heart rate stayed constant. The result was less tossing and turning and a better night's sleep.

Does Dick Wicks have a lifetime guarantee?

We offer you the Dick Wicks Lifetime Guarantee when you purchase our products. This means we guarantee our magnets will maintain their strength and workability for life. We also offer a 1-year manufacturing warranty against faulty materials and workmanship on all our underlays, a 12 month warranty on our All-Day premium body supports, and a 90-day warranty on our Activease supports and all jewellery. When you buy a Dick Wicks underlay, you're buying an underlay of unsurpassed quality, and also getting Dick Wick's magnets and expertise along with it.